Wart Removal Treatment

Wart Removal Treatment

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Warts formation is a viral infection that affects skin where local growths of mass from the skin surface is observed. Warts happen to form on any organ of the body and there are over a hundred types of viruses that cause this infection. Warts tend to disappear by themselves over a period of time, but in certain cases these tumors may contract an infection and lead to fatal situations and some warts could lead to cancer as well. Also, since warts look a bit abnormal and may annoy on places such as hands, fingers or face causing social discomfort, it is always advised to have warts removed in the earlier stage itself.

Look younger by years.

What causes warts?

Warts are caused by a virus named Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and there are many types of HPV. The area of growth depends on the type of HPV that infected the organ. Warts grow in any shape and size and at any place and the virus is contagious. Most of the cases warts do not affect the human body but warts may be cancerous and since they also look abnormal by the looks, it is always advised to have those warts removed.

What are wart removal treatments available?

These are many home remedies to treat warts but most of the time it is not a safe practice to experiment, since in the process we may even tend to destroy healthy cells or be responsible for having to spread them more or just contract more infection into it. The best way is to find a dermatologist who could study the skin condition and suggest an appropriate treatment.

Wart removal treatments include over the counter medicines or creams for topical application. Wart freezing kits, Electric needle extraction and surgical destruction. The procedure to treat the condition depends on factors such as skin type or virus type.

Do warts grow back after the treatment?

Warts do not grow back in the same area once they are removed. They may tend to grow in other areas of the body though not otherwise.

Are these treatments painful?

There could be minor pain during the procedure, by the pain subsides in hours after the procedure. There is nothing fatal about the procedure.

Are scars formed after wart removal treatment?

This depends on the size of the wart. Most warts are of tiny size and the scarring is unlikely to happen. Surgical destruction of warts may leave behind minor scars, which are eventually covered in a period of time.

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