Stretch Marks Removal Treatmentt

Stretch Marks Removal Treatment

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Stretch marks can be absolutely annoying on the skin and getting rid of them is the hardest task. Stretch marks in women are depressing as they tend to take away the liberty of women to wear certain types of clothing. There are many reasons for stretch marks and most women's common of all reasons is weight loss/gain and motherhood. Stretch marks can also be hereditary in some people and they are not limited to any gender. Earlier there were only creams or exercises to get off stretch marks and both are methods fail to give noticeable results. In recent years, most advanced methodologies are developed to treat stretch marks on the skin. These aesthetic procedures can lighten stretch marks from the very first session and can fade them away completely in a couple of sessions depending on the damage.

Look younger by years.

What is the procedure for stretch marks removal treatment?

Stretch marks appear on areas like tummy, breasts, thighs, hands, and buttocks and this mark is made when skin gradually tears by disrupting elastin and collagen networks on the skin due to excessive expansion of the skin surface. Radio frequencies are usually used to treat this condition. Secret radio frequencies penetrate into the skin and stimulate cells to reform the network of elastin and collagen thus fading the stretch mark with each session.

Is the stretch mark removed permanently?

The stretch mark fades with each session of secret radiofrequency. Although this process cannot prevent the formation of new stretch marks.

Is stretch marks removal treatment painful?

No, the treatment has no pain or side effects. There is usually a slight pain or tingling session after the treatment which subsides in 20-30 mins post the session. Also, there are no potential side effects of the treatment. This is an effective treatment to reduce stretch marks and suit every skin type.

How many sessions are required to completely fade out the stretch mark?

The number of sessions varies from person to person depending on the depth and damage level of the stretch mark. Usually, an average of 4-6 sessions will often fade out the stretch marks effectively.

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