Skin Whitening Treatment

Skin Whitening Treatment

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Although fair skin is always associated with beauty standards in India. It is moreover a personal choice for someone to go for fairer skin. There are many fairness creams available over the counter promising whiter skin within weeks/month of duration. These fairness creams are usually acting like bleaching agents on the skin and despite the use of cheap chemicals to make these creams the damage to the skin is furthermore high if these creams are used for longer durations. However, there are multiple aesthetic treatments for skin whitening to achieve permanent fairness without affecting the skin with chemicals.

Look younger by years.

What are the procedures for skin whitening?

Lasers are usually the best procedures to improve the skin tone. The light energy in lasers is used to destroy melanin-producing skin cells which are responsible for darker skin and improves the overall skin colour. Besides, laser treatment for skin fairness Chemical peels also helps to improve the skin colour effectively. Besides these, dermatologists can suggest a few creams which may help reduce melanin content on the facial skin.

What are the side effects of skin whitening treatment?

There are no potential side-effects to these treatments. It is entirely an individual’s choice to take the treatment. Skin whitening treatment also helps in lightening pigmentations and dark spots on the face. The treatment procedures are painless and have zero recovery time.

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