Skin Lifting Treatment

Skin Lifting Treatment

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Skin tends to sag or loses its elasticity over time when it ages. Besides ageing, there could also be factors like over exposure to heat, stress, weight loss and hormonal conditions that tend to weaken the skin resulting in dull and saggy skin. Skin lift or facelifting treatment is the best procedure to go through to get back tight and firm looking skin in no time. Earlier skin lifting treatments comprises of surgical procedures of removing the sagging tissues of the skin by making incisions. Fortunately, experts in cosmetic have developed several non-invasive procedures to treat this condition by using lasers and radio waves which deliver the best results without having to go through surgeries.

Look younger by years.

How does non-surgical skin lifting treatment procedures work?

In non-surgical procedures, active light energy like from lasers, IPL, radio frequencies or ultrasound is used to heat up the inner layers of the skin and stimulating them to produce collagen and elastin. This eventually mends the loosened skin giving it a firm and tighter appearance. This procedure can be carried out on areas like face, thighs, neck, arms and buttocks to improve the appearance of skin.

Is skin lifting treatment painful?

Minor pain is experienced since the areas of treatment are heated using light energy. The pain subsides in a day or two after the session. The best part of the treatment is visible results are achieved in less time without having to go through a surgery.

Are the results permanent?

Skin lifting is a process done to people whose natural production of collagen and elastin is lesser. The results of the treatment stay until 8-12 months and sessions can be repeated to maintain the same.

What are the side effects of skin lifting treatment?

There are no potential risks or side effects with these procedures provided the treatment is performed by certified experts with FDA approved equipment. At Fab Skin Hair & Laser Clinic our expert team of dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons ensure the best id delivered to our clients.

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