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Pigmentation plays havoc for many women in terms of achieving their skin goals. Every woman wishes for flawless and radiant skin and pigmentation is a common skin problem that affects women irrespective of their lifestyle. At times dealing with pigmentation could be frustrating since pigmentation tends to recur in a span of months since skin cells have the tendency to retain memory. Although there are many home remedies to treat pigmentation, they fail to deliver permanent results because of the memory retaining phenomenon of skin. At Fab Skin Hair & Laser Clinic, our experts deliver the best pigmentation treatment in Hyderabad and our dermatologists could help you in finding the right treatment for pigmentation.

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What is Pigmentation?

Pigmentation is a skin condition characterized by the formation of dark patches on the skin at certain parts. These dark patches make the skin look dull and uneven. These dark patches are formed if the cells produce melanin in more quantity than usual. Skin attains it pigment from melanin and more melanin implies darker skin. This trigger of producing more melanin could be due to reasons such as hormonal imbalance, acne scars, radical effect, using chemical-based cosmetics or allergic reaction to make up products. All these reasons may trigger the skin cells to produce more melanin thus resulting in dark patches on the skin. Although there are many home remedies for pigmentation, they fail to deliver notable results. It is always a good practice to consult a qualified dermatologist who could suggest the best aesthetic treatment for pigmentation.

What are the treatments for pigmentation?

The best way to treat pigmentation is to address the underlying cause of pigmentation first. The later step is to identify the skin type and the level of damage caused to the skin by pigmentation. A dermatologist may suggest one of the treatments for pigmentation depending on the skin type of the person. Procedures like Chemical peel, dermabrasion, IPL, etc. helps to get rid of hyperpigmentation whereas skin lightening creams are suggested in minor cases.

Topical Application - Topical applications of creams containing hydroquinone, retinoids, alpha hydroxyl acids and benzoyl peroxides which aids to cure dark patches and nourish the skin.

Chemical Peel - Acids with very low PH such as trichloroacetic acid is used to peel the outer layer of the skin which contains dead skin cells, further revealing the soft and bright inner skin.

Laser Peel (Skin Resurfacing) - Lasers are used to resurface the skin by destroying old cells with strong ablative lasers that affect the skin cells producing more melanin and aids the process of formation of new and toned skin cells.

Intensely Pulsed Light Photo Facial - IPL facial is used to transform the over appearance, texture and complexion of the skin using light waves of high intensity. The recent advancement is quite famous among celebrities.

Dermabrasion - A skin-refining process that removes dry flakey skin, dirt and grim trapped in bumps, trapped oil from skin glands etc. using an electro-mechanical device. The procedure is painless and completely eliminates dry, dull skin and dark spots giving the skin glow from within.

Can pigmentation be treated by home remedies?

Since pigmentation is a skin condition, it has a high tendency to bounce back and due to memory retaining capacity of skin cells, the best way to address is to consult a dermatologist who can find out the root cause of the condition and suggest a treatment procedure accordingly.

Are the results permanent?

The results obtained from any aesthetic session are much notable, whereas retaining results is much dependent on the individual. Visible changes appear on the skin from the very first session of any of the procedures.

Are there any side effects?

The procedures mentioned for treating pigmentation are very much safe and do not portray major health risks. There may be temporary side effects like minor pain, redness or soreness etc.

How many sessions of treatment are suggested?

This depends on factors such as impact of pigmentation, skin type and type of procedure suggested. An average of 2-4 sessions is ideal to get great results. Complex cases may take more time.

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