Lip Filling Treatment

Lip Filling Treatment

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Fillers are cosmetic liquids which are injected to skin glands at different parts of the skin to give them shape and desired appearance. Lip fillers are usually used for making shape corrections of the upper or lower lip. Dermal fillers also constitute useful nutrients and collagen which nourishes the skin from within. This procedure is usually sought out by most of the women who wish to get fuller lips or increase the volume of their lips.

Look younger by years.

Are the changes caused by lip-fillers permanent?

Lip fillers usually last for a few months and depending on the kind of procedure sought the time varies. Lip-fillers do not change the features of lips permanently.

Is Lip-Fillers fatal?

Dermal Fillers or Lip Fillers do not pose any potential threats to health and well-being. Although it is always safe to get these treatments done at certified clinics by qualified professionals.

What are the side-effects of dermal fillers?

There are no potential side effects of lip-fillers other than redness, itching or swelling for a while. But this treatment is considered to be sophisticated and is advised to be carried out by experienced professionals or experts as the failure of fillers can result in serious side-effects such as asymmetry, over correction or forming of lumps.

Can Lip-Fillers cause other illnesses?

Fillers may become fatal if they are injected into blood vessels. The procedure should be carried out by certified experts for best results.

How long the results last?

8 month to 1 year is the generic time for which the fillers last. This time varies from person to person and the kind of filler they choose. Book your appointment now or visit our clinic in Kukatpally to know more about the Lip-Filling procedures.

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