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Most of the women suffer from the rapid growth of unwanted hair that requires constant spending on salon services and other hair removal products to maintain smooth skin. Women who have a thick growth of unwanted hair have to constantly wax or shave the areas once every 20-30 days. Waxing is rather painful and an expensive deal month on month and besides that shaving and hair removal creams add to other skin problems like itching, hyperpigmentation and hair ingrowth.

Look younger by years.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is one of the best procedures in cosmetology to remove unwanted hair. This is a painless and simple procedure where Laser technology is used to penetrate the hair follicles on the surface of the skin making these follicles numb resulting in obstruction of hair growth in these follicles. Permanent hair removal can be achieved in an average of three-six sessions in areas like upper lips, underarms, hands and legs which are common areas of unwanted hair growth. Laser hair reduction treatment can selectively target dark and coarse hairs without affecting surrounding skin surface thus making permanent hair removal easy and versatile. At Fab Skin Hair & Laser Clinic we offer laser treatment for permanent removal of unwanted hair on all areas of the body.

How safe is Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Laser Hair Reduction treatment is a safe way for permanent removal of unwanted hair provided we use an FDA approved systems and procedures. At Fab Skin Hair & Laser Clinic we have certified dermatologists who use FDA approved systems for Laser Hair removal. These FDA approved laser systems also do not emit radiations thus making laser hair removal a safe process.

Is the hair loss permanent after the treatment?

This depends on the number of sessions and the penetration of lasers in the skin. A single session may not be enough to remove the hair permanently, 4-6 sessions are ideal to get rid of unwanted hair permanently.

How long the Laser Hair Removal Treatment Take?

The time consumed in each session differs from the size and area of the skin. Areas like chin and lips take a few minutes whereas as areas like back could last until an hour. For permanent reduction on unwanted hair 4-6 sessions in a bandwidth of 4-6 weeks is ideal.

Are there any other procedures besides Laser for permanent hair removal?

Intense Pulse Light technology (IPL) is another alternative for permanent hair removal, IPL is yet another form of Laser technology and serves the same results as that of Laser hair removal treatment.

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Laser machines are attracted by , the dark pigment that gives colour to hair. The laser tracks this pigment to the root of each hair and then releases heat energy, causing enough damage to the hair follicle to obstruct growth. As these excess hair treatments can only target the hair that is presently in a state of growth, a series of sessions is usually required to guarantee a long-lasting final outcome

The size and “topography” of the area treated factors deermine As a general rule, legs and backs take an hour to an hour and a half, while an upper lip or the tops of ears may require eight to 10 minutes. The front of the neck or underarms can take as little as 20 minutes.

Most of the clinics tell you that it will take six to eight treatments to achieve clearance of an area. We have some clients who are happy after four treatments,. the only other “permanent” hair removal method. Ultimately it depends on the health status and medical history of a patients,which differs from person to person.

Intense pulsed light, technology functions in almost the same way as laser to disable hair follicles and permanently reduce hair growth. It is safer, more comfortable, more versatile. LaserLight clients have experienced great succes At ipl LaserLight, our light-haired and tanned and tanning clients have been quite happy with the results they have achieve

Waxing, tweezing and depilatory creams are among the top offenders for stimulating hair growth. When a hair root is pulled at or tugged on to remove it, a blood supply rushes to the area nourishing the hair follicle. When this process is done regularly the result is growth of very coarse, deep rooted hairs.