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Wrinkles or fine lines that appear on the skin are most obvious signs of ageing, and through the process of ageing skin loses its natural ability to synthesize collagen and loses its laxity. The best approach to restore the effects caused by ageing is to get to the root causes of the skin problems. Skins tends to lose its laxity and wrinkles appear due to lack of collagen. Hence, empowering the cells to boost collagen levels in the skin helps to restore the signs of ageing and gives skin a firmer appearance and structure. One of the best non-invasive treatments for skin to restore its natural look and enhance beauty is through HIFU treatment.

Look younger by years.

What is HIFU treatment?

High intensity focussed ultra-sound or HIFU is the most advanced and efficient cosmetic treatment to enhance the texture of the skin by boosting the collagen levels in it by using ultrasound waves technology. HIFU facials have widely replace the facelift procedures since it is non-invasive and has more long-lasting results. HIFU is a non-surgical process which give results equivalent to those of having face lifts.

What is the procedure of HIFU Treatment?

Focussed ultra-sound energy is used to target the layers of the skin, causing to heat up the surface. After reaching a particular temperature the skin cells tend to absorb ultra-sound energy and are ruptured. These ruptured cells are rejuvenated by the production of collagen as a counter-intuitive reaction to the process. The collagen produced makes the skin firmer and bright. HIFU can be used on other parts of the body like neckline, upper chest or thighs besides face.

How painful is the HIFU facial?

HIFU is not as painful as surgical processes. Although a slight prickly sensation occur due to ultra-sound energy pulse.

What are the side-effects of HIFU procedure?

There are no side-effects to the procedure provided the procedures are carried away by certified processionals using relevant equipment. Although there would be redness and swelling after the procedure which is temporary.

The results are usually observed in 3-4 weeks after the treatment.

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