Hair Fall Treatment

Hair Fall Treatment

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Hair fall is an extreme loss of healthy or new hairs from follicles and this is the most common problem many men and women are facing these days. On average a person can lose 50-100 hair strands in a day, this needs to be balanced by the growth rate as well. Hair is completely made of protein and it is important the supply of nutrients needs to be optimized to maintain healthy hair, when the supply of nutrients is not sufficient, hair eventually is affected and falls off from the follicles. Other reasons for hair fall include hormonal imbalance, stress, lack of sleep, medication for chronic diseases, scalp infections, etc. The best way to address hair fall is to understand the root cause of it and try mending that condition.

Can hair fall be reversed?

The lost hair can be completely regained in some conditions, especially my making important changes to lifestyle. In some cases, the results may not be satisfactory. However, aesthetic treatments like hair transplantations can help restructure all the lost hairs.

What are the treatments for hair fall?

Depending on the cause of hair fall the treatments could be suggested. Treatments include oral medication of supplements, anti-dandruff treatment, Keratin treatment and aesthetic treatments like hair transplantation, PRP treatment for hair or hair resurrection using lasers are also suggested.

Hair Fall Treatment

Is there a permanent cure for hair loss?

This depends on the reasons for hair loss. Some cases treatments help to a great extent by shutting hair fall, this depends on how the body reacts towards the treatment and this varies in people.

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