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Filler Treatmen

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Skin tends to sag or loses its elasticity over time when it ages. Besides ageing there could also be factors like overexposure to heat, stress, weight loss and hormonal conditions that tend to weaken the skin resulting in wrinkles, fine line, and sagging tissues. Dermal fillers treatment is the best alternative for people who want to get back a smooth, firm and wrinkle-free skin without having to go through harsh invasive processes or surgeries.

Look younger by years.

What is filler treatment?

Filler treatment is the process of injecting cosmetic fluids that contain proteins and nutrients on the skin glands making them appear smooth, supple and firmer than before. Dermal fillers are not just limited to lips or cheeks, they can be used to improve the skin condition on areas like under-eye, nose, hands, jowls, etc. which makes the skin look smooth, radiant and firm than earlier. Filler treatment is considered as one of the best treatments since it has zero recovery time and great results are achieved in very little time.

What are the side effects of filler treatment?

The procedure can show adverse side effects if not done by certified cosmetologists. Although there are no potential side effects to the treatment there may be minor pain, burning or swelling symptoms which are temporary.

Is it a painful procedure?

Fillers' treatment is not as painful as compared to other face-lifting procedures or surgeries. Minor pain is experienced during or after the procedure is carried out.

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