Eyebrow Lifting Treatment

Eyebrow Lifting Treatment

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A brow lift or eyebrow lifting treatment is an aesthetic procedure to correct the position or orientation of the brow line. A brow lift is performed to correct sagging brow line which makes the face look sad or tired. Besides this, the sagging brow line is one of the obvious signs of ageing and at times the sagging is also due to the formation of deep furrows on the forehead. The eyebrow lifting treatment gives excellent results to clients who look forward to correcting the sagging brow line and enables them to gain desirable results post-correction.

Look younger by years.

Is brow lifting really useful?

Deep sagging of eyebrows due to ageing or furrows on the forehead can also lead to obstruction of vision in most of the cases and this problem could be addressed by eye lifting treatment effectively. There are aesthetic procedures and other effective treatments are developed by skin care experts to address this problem efficiently.

How eyebrow lifting treatment is addressed at Fab Skin Hair & Laser Clinic?

Although Brow Lift surgery is the most efficient solution to address sagging brow lines, there are also non-invasive processes such as Laser Eye Brow Lift and Eye Brow Lift Facial.

Brow Lift Surgery: A small incision is made behind the hairline following which the sagging tissues are detached to match the brow line and excess tissues are amputated. The incision is sewn back in place and this procedure although is surgical but does not leave any marks on the face. Brow lift surgery is naturally safe and does not impose any potential side effects.

Laser Brow Lift: Laser resurfacing is a great alternative for people who look for non-surgical options. Ablative lasers are induced into the skin cells making the skin shed old layers of it, thus, helping the skin to develop new layers. The downtime in this procedure is high in achieving results.

Eye Brow Lifting Facials: There are many facials available for face lifting and this is the most sought after process for people who have slight sagging of eyebrows. Minor skin sagging can be corrected with facials but incase of deep skin sagging brow lift surgery could be the best alternative.

Do Eyebrow Lifting Treatments have side effects?

The treatments mentioned for eyebrow lifting do not have any potential side-effects. There would be general side-effects like pain, redness or swelling which may last for a few days post-treatment.

Are Brow Lifts Permanent?

The results of surgical eyebrow lifting treatment prevails for a longer time, but the ageing process of the skin is a natural phenomenon. And the process of ageing is different for different individuals, hence Brow Lifts do not last a lifetime but the results can prevail for a good period of time.

Does a Brow Lift impact eye shape or facial features?

Brow lift surgery only removes the excess sagging tissues of skin between eyebrows and lashes. The eyebrow size and shape remain the same and it does not impact facial features noticeably.

Can a person with eye problems get brow lifting done?

Any cosmetic surgery is usually not carried out on patients with potential health risks. Although it’s always best to decide on an expert’s advice. Consult our skin care experts at Fab Skin Hair & Laser Clinic to know more about eyebrow lifting treatments.

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