Dimple Chin Treatment

Dimple Chin Treatment

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Dimpled chin is adored in children which makes them look cute. But as adults most of the people wish to have a smooth chin and a lean jawline. There are aesthetic processes available to get a dimple or have a dimple smoothened. Dimpling on the chin is also called orange peel, owing to how the skin on chin looks when chin muscles contract. This can be removed with surgical procedures and non-invasive procedures such as botox fillers as well.

Look younger by years.

How to treat dimple chin?

Dimple chin can be corrected surgically if the dimple is deeper and also botox fillers are used to inject cosmetic fluid into the skin making the skin look sculpted and toned. Botox is a cosmetic fluid made of proteins and purified toxins which helps to relax the mentalis muscles in the skin which are responsible for active contractions on the skin which are dimples.

Is the process painful?

The procedure on the chin hardly lasts for 15-20 mins. Botox fillers are not painful, the skin starts showing the change in 3-4 days after the session. The experience is moreover like taking a vaccine on the face. Minor swelling or redness may appear after the session, but will this subside in few mins to hours.

What are the side effects of Chin removal treatment by injecting Botox?

There cannot be any potential side effects if the procedure is carried out precisely by qualified and certified experts. Experts at Fab Skin Hair & Laser Clinic are certified practitioners and has been serving clients overs a decade in skincare and haircare domains.

Is the change permanent?

No, a single session would serve for 4-8 months for Chin area, it also varies from person to person and depth of dimples on the skin. The effect of botox usually takes 3-4 days to completely reflect on face.

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