Breast Reduction Treatment

Breast Reduction Treatment

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Surgical breast reduction is advised to women with exceptionally larger breast sizes. Large and saggy breasts impose potential problems in women like chronic back-neck-shoulder pain, allergies and rashes on the skin beneath breasts, nerve pain or restricted movements and poor self-image. Large breasts also obstruct women to stay athletically active and also refrain them from wearing clothing of their choice.

Look younger by years.

What is breast reduction treatment?

Surgical breast reduction or Mammaplasty is the process of removing excess fat tissues/skin tissues from the breasts by making incisions on the breasts which are concealed by stitches later. There are also creams available over the counter that promise firmer breasts but the results of surgical breast reduction are more accurate.

How long does it take to recover from surgery?

It would take 4-6 weeks to heal completely. Usual activities can be carried out normally in the following week.

Are the results permanent?

Breasts may tend to sag once again as ageing cannot be stopped. But, the process of sagging happens at a much lower pace as compared to earlier. Results of mammaplasty may last for a few years.

What are the side-effects of breast reduction treatment?

Breast reduction is a sophisticated cosmetology procedure and it is always advised to be carried out in certified clinics by experienced professionals. The side effects of breast reduction surgery may prove to be fatal it not done by qualified experts. Successful surgeries have temporal side effects like pain, itching or swelling but these effects subside in hours to days post-surgery.
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