Blackhead Removal Treatment

Blackhead Removal Treatment

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Blackheads are extremely annoying since their appearance is annoyingly noticeable and getting rid of blackheads through exfoliation is a tedious procedure. The underlying causes for the formation of blackheads may vary but blackheads are usually characterized by open skin pores filled with dirt, oil, grime and dust. This dirt is the accumulation of excess oil and dead skin skills which over a period of time oxidizes with air and turns to black colour. Blackheads can be removed by physical exfoliation but this alone doesn’t solve the problem. There may be many reasons for the formation of blackheads like oily skin, acne-affected skin, allergies from cosmetics, makeup or natural birthmarks are also areas where blackheads are usually formed.

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What are the treatments for blackheads removal?

Although there are many over the counter exfoliants available to treat blackheads, they may not solve the problem permanently. It is always suggested to take an expert’s advice who would suggest the right treatment for blackhead removal depending on the skin type and underlying cause.

Physical exfoliation, Chemical exfoliation or chemical peels, extraction facials are common procedures to rid of blackheads. Oral medication is suggested in some extreme cases where acne is the root cause.

Can blackheads appear even after the treatment?

Chemical peels, extraction facials could prevent blackheads from coming back for a long time, although there cannot be permanent treatment for blackheads. The results vary from person to person.

Are there any side effects of blackhead removal treatments?

There are no side effects to this treatment. The underlying cause is identified to stop further spreading of blackheads and other procedures are followed to the blackheads removed depending on the skin type of the person.

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