Age Spots Treatment

Age Spots Treatment

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Age spots are tiny dark spots formed on the face due to excessive production of melanin in skin cells. The skin cells tend to produce more melanin due to ageing or overexposure to the sun. These age spots are also called liver spots. They tend to be visibly abnormal on people with fair skin. There are many over the counter medications and home remedies to cure age spots but these are useful only to an extent and the results are not promised. The best ways are to get to the root cause of the problem. There are many aesthetic procedures to identify and destroy cells rich in melanin. Most of these procedures are non-invasive and take zero recovery time.

Look younger by years.

What are treatments to reduce age spots?

The procedures suggested treating age spots are laser treatment, deep chemical peel and dermabrasion, and cryosurgery. Laser treatment is basically using light energy of lasers to destroy melanin-producing cells and deep chemical peel usually peel off the outer layer of the skin. In the chemical peel procedure acids with low PH are used on the skin resulting in skin shedding its old layer of the skin leaving out a much younger-looking skin. Dermabrasion is a process of physical exfoliation of the skin. Dust, oil, and grime is extracted out using an electro-mechanical device, exfoliation helps the skin to get rid of dead skin cells leaving out much better skin. Cryosurgery is the process of freezing the spots using liquid nitrogen. This procedure is quite expensive and the best procedure to reduce age spots is through laser treatment.

Can age spots be removed permanently?

Developing age spots is a natural phenomenon of skin and them to appear since ageing cannot be obstructed by any medical procedure. The spots are usually lightened and made less noticeable. The results after the treatment may last for 8 months to 1 year depending on the skin conditions.

Does OTC medication help to cure age spots?

There are many over the counter medicines like creams and oils available those claiming to remove age spots. However, results may take a lot of time and may not be as effective as compared to aesthetic treatment.

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